Professional service 24/7 on lines and equipment supplied by TMT.

Service 24/7

It doesn’t end for us, when the conveyor line is put into operation. To keep your TMT-supplied equipment running smoothly, we offer a 24-hour service that can include:

  • complex service
  • remote administration and diagnostics
  • emergency service
  • preventive maintenance
  • possible warranty repairs
  • out-of-warranty repairs

Benefits of regular service

  • extend the life of your equipment
  • keep downtime to a minimum
  • save internal maintenance costs
  • the possibility of spreading out your company’s activities with possible line restrictions

Contract maintenance services

Service / orders based on a service contract include regular preventive inspections and guarantee the customer a priority response to report a fault at a pre-agreed time.

If you sign a service contract, you can choose from the following service modes:

  • regular service
  • requested service
  • emergency service
  • start-up service
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