Assembly of Automated Lines

It is not only new products that require new assembly procedures. Available and advantageous assembly technologies have a retroactive effect on product design and product lifetime.

Assembly in The TMT Plant

We will transport the finished lines and equipment to their destination, provide assembly and completion of the entire system and its recovery. Only after thorough testing at the destination will the work be handed over to the customer.

Testing and FAT

After the production is completed, the products go through an important stage, including testing, adjustment, parameter verification, incorporation of any customer requirements and other necessary tasks. This stage forms the necessary basis for maintenance in our business strategy.

Dispatch Part

The products are stored in closed halls before dispatch. The packaging method depends on the type of facility, location and destination of the delivery.

Installation at The Customer’s Site, Recovery and Testing

We provide assembly and installation of the equipment at the destination. After complete installation, the equipment is tested for smooth handover to the customer.

Read about the preparation of the project and the production itself. If you need any clarification or help with anything, please contact us.

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