Conveyor Lines for Distribution Centres

Conveyor lines for distribution centres transport plastic crates/ pallets/ trolleys into which items are picked. The lines facilitate the handling, sorting or dispatching of materials and products. This significantly saves you time and costs.

Receiving goods, storage, picking and packaging, dispatching

With us, you can optimally serve your warehouse space with a comprehensive system solution. We always take into account the nature of the operation, the product range and the required performance, with a focus on productivity and reducing errors.

  • Workplace for receiving goods
  • Loading and picking goods from stock positions
  • Warehouse automation – stackers
  • Consolidation and packaging, packing workstation
  • Weighing, labelling, strapping, shipments
  • Sorting of shipments
  • Stackers and de-stackers for storage of empty packages
  • Binding and communication with WMS, visualization
  • Process optimization

Consolidation and packaging, packaging workplace

Weighing, labelling, taping of shipments

Sorting of shipments

Conveyor distribution modules are used to ensure the diversion/merging of piece shipments to or from a secondary transport route. The design ensures high sorting performance while maintaining the orientation of the object with respect to the direction of transport.

Examples of realizations

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