Mechanical and Electro Production

T M T a.s. Chrudim has extensive production facilities. There are classic technologies for processing of structural and stainless steel (cutting, cutting, machining, bending, grinding, drilling and welding) using the most modern CNC machines.

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Modern Premises

Projects for which we have already completed detailed project documentation are implemented in our own premises in Chrudim. Our premises are adapted to the requirements for the production, assembly and testing of even the largest conveyor systems.

Our production program

  • Metalworking
  • Welding
  • Painting and assembly
  • Manufacture of electrical switchboards
  • Fitting of electro elements


Along with the growth of our company, we have significantly expanded our assembly and testing facilities. We currently have two production halls with a volume capacity of 4,000 m² and equipped with cranes with a capacity of 5 tons. It is here that all equipment takes its final form. The equipment is prepared and packed for transport to the customer or pre-commissioned for FAT testing, which checks the functionality, quality and smooth operation of the equipment.

  • Technological preparation of production, MTZ (material and technical security)
  • Locksmith and welding halls and plants
  • Machining process
  • Paint and dispatch hall
  • Assembly and testing hall
  • Hall for electrical production – production of electrical switchboards and installation of electrical elements

Technology of Metal Processing

Production begins in the department of technological preparation of production and in the department of material and technical supply. The production base consists of areas dedicated to machining and metal processing. We use classical technologies for the processing of structural and stainless steels: cutting, cutting, machining, bending, grinding, drilling, welding.

At the same time, we use the most modern CNC machines, such as the PRIMA POWER PLATINO FIBER high-dynamic laser centre.

Machining work is carried out in two separate halls. Locksmith-welding work is also conceived in two halls. In one we specialize in the production of steel structures, machine parts and technological equipment, in the other we focus on cutting and welding using MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG or coated electrode welding.

Lacquering of Structures

The individual elements of the equipment receive their final look and face in a modern paint shop on the premises, which is equipped with a heated exhaust cabin. Painting is carried out by applying paint, mainly with air guns or high-pressure airless spraying. All parts must dry thoroughly in areas with gas infrared heaters for drying and intermediate storage of painted parts.

Electro Department

Once all the machine parts are assembled in the assembly halls, our electricians come in and have the control systems and other electrical accessories ready in their electrical workshop. They can therefore get to work immediately.

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