Distribution Warehouse

Complex conveyor system in a new distribution warehouse with an area of approx. 160 x 100 m.

Extensive Assembly Line

Extensive assembly lines, including the supply of some product parts to the lines, various stages of assembly and packaging. Automatic rotation of the product by a robot which is guided by a camera system. Fully automated warehouse. The solution meets the demanding requirements of modern production.

Line for Transport of Goods

Conveyor line for transporting boxes of goods, marking, sorting and dispatching them.

KLT Transport Line

Conveyor system for transporting KLT boxes of goods towards the manual packing station and subsequent dispatch.


Transportation of books from the warehouse, check weighing, subsequent manual packing, dispatching and sorting of shipments according to barcodes.

Robotic Application

Robotic application for automatic palletizing of boxes that are fed into the palletizing area on roller conveyors. The empty pallets are loaded and palletised by a robot equipped with a special gripper with suction cups for boxes and pallet stackers and tongs for removing pallets from the stack. The robot stacks the boxes in 6 s according to the prescribed layout on the pallet.

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