Timing Belt Conveyors

We are a professional company specialising in the manufacture and supply of various types of transport systems. Our main area of expertise includes the manufacture of timing belt conveyors, which are designed for the efficient transport of materials. In addition, we also offer chain and timing belt conveyors that allow flexible and reliable interconnection between the different parts of the conveying system. Our equipment is designed to meet the exact requirements and needs of our customers.

Timing Belt Conveyors

A timing belt conveyor is a special conveyor with a circular flat or toothed belt, which is used to transport light but larger pieces of materials or plates. Very often a timing belt conveyor is used as a part of a transfertable.

Belt Transfertable

The roller-belt transfertable works on a similar principle to the roller-chain translator. It is mainly used for transporting large piece objects without changing the orientation of the transported load. Unlike the previous type, it is used for smaller loads.

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