In conveyor systems, they are integrated in places with the request for perpendicular connection of the downstream routes, without changing the orientation of the load to be conveyed. Transfertables are mainly used in dispatch lines with splitting or merging of material flow.

They are a combination of driven rollers and pneumatically or electrically lifted integrated chain or belt conveyors.

A reliable, powerful control system is a key for error-free connecting.

Roller Transfertables

Roller conveyors, together with the supplied accessories, are usually the basis of production or packaging lines or conveyor systems. They are used to transport piece goods.

Roller-Chain Transfertable

The number of transfer chains is always determined by the shape, size and weight of the object to be transported. Roller-chain transfertable can also be used for transporting loads with higher loads.

Roller-Belt Transfertable

The method of use and principle of operation is similar to that of the roller-chain transfertable. It is used for transporting bulky items without changing the orientation of the load to be transported. Roller-belt transfertables are suitable for smaller loads.

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