Automatic Assembly Line For Car Parts – An Ambitious Project In Bremen

Automatic Assembly Line For Car Parts – An Ambitious Project In Bremen

It was one of the more challenging projects that once again moved us forward through development.


TMT completes implementation of ambitious project in Bremen, Germany. It is an automatic line for assembling car parts in the tact 40 sec. The entire project took more than two years and is based on automatic assembly on sophisticated jigs developed by TMT to produce parts with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.05 mm.

The automatic assembly is carried out by 4 ABB robots and 4 manipulators. They manipulate and assemble parts or screw them with Weber automatic screwdrivers. The precision of their work is ensured by camera guidance.

The assembled auto parts are removed from the assembly jig by the ABB robot and inserted into the Zeiss inspection station where they are measured. The part is then loaded onto an AGV trolley, labelled and dispatched for further processes.

Why automate and robotize? Read more what benefits these processes bring.

Line Control

The line control is implemented using the Siemens S7 1500 Safety PLC software and the TIA Portal v 15 SP1 programming environment. The communication bus is Profinet/ProfiSafe designed for control systems in the field of industrial automation. The IT data component is in turn controlled by Siemens WinCC engineering software running on a Siemens server and communicating with production SQL databases. Production and recipe information is stored in SQL databases. The operating program and IT interact with each other and switch control.

The line is composed of functional technological and verification modules. The individual modules are called functions with parameters. The control of the line is carried out in accordance with the current trend of Industry 4.0. digitalization.

Remote Control

The entire system is connected to remote management and allows servicing and diagnostics directly from the TMT.

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