Conveyor Lines

Conveyor lines facilitate material handling, sorting or dispatching. They save you time and costs. TMT supplies in particular:

  • production and assembly lines
  • receiving and dispatch lines
  • packaging and palletising lines
  • at the same time also shorter test and inspection sections of the lines

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Production (Aassembly and Completing) Lines

They are designed for different production possibilities and are based on accumulation roller conveyors, roller conveyors with accumulation (slip) rollers or on a chain conveyor with accumulation pulley chain.

The products are mostly transported on special pallets or technology pads. The entire assembly process allows for stopping the transported material in the desired position (while working on it), its accumulation or unloading of finished products from the lines.

Their accessories include:

  • turntables
  • transfer table
  • lifting and sliding equipment
  • the weighing
  • strapping machine
  • or packaging machine

Workstations may be equipped with additional structures to accommodate lighting, portable hand tools and other pneumatic or electrical equipment.

Special lifting and positioning (swivelling) equipment enables the handling of products placed on pallets.

The production lines are usually supplied with a control system according to the customer’s requirements.

Do you need help with selecting a production line or getting it up and running? Write to us or call us.

Conveyor Lines for Distribution Centres

These lines are designed for receiving, transporting, sorting and dispatching shipments. They are usually based on roller conveyors supplemented by sorting modules, transshippers, gravity spiral conveyors, gluing and strapping machines, checkweighers and barcode identification systems.

The sorting module is used to ensure the diverting/merging of piece shipments to or from a secondary transport route. The proposed design ensures high sorting performance while maintaining the orientation of the object with respect to the direction of transport.

Line inspection and test sections

They are usually part of larger production lines where the conveyor line is supplemented by a dedicated section with special equipment for product inspection and testing. The equipment of this section depends on the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Special measuring and testing equipment is also supplied by the customer, which is then integrated into the line and supplemented with the required mechanical equipment for efficient product positioning.

Packaging and palletising lines

These lines are used to deliver the product to the place of packaging and for further handling of the finished and already packaged product. It is also advisable to add a manipulator or robot to the line for placing goods on pallets.

Their accessories include:

  • transfer tables
  • strapping and wrapping machines
  • labelling machines
  • devices for marking (printing) of the final packaging material

Receiving and dispatch lines

Receiving and dispatch lines are made up of roller or chain conveyors or combinations thereof. They are designed to transport handling units (pallets or cartons) between different areas, for example production – warehouse, warehouse – dispatch, receiving – warehouse. They can also be used to connect outdoor areas with production or storage areas.

The lines are usually made as:

  • section lines with high storage capacity
  • or as a passable lines

Their main accessories include a transition module with a pair of high-speed doors to prevent heat leakage and draughts.

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