Automatic conveyor and storage system in freezer warehouse

Automatic conveyor and storage system in freezer warehouse

Delivery of an automatic conveyor and storage system in a freezer warehouse in Slovakia.

It is an automatic transport and storage system built into an existing 5-floor freezer storage building.

The system is installed on all floors of the freezer building and is designed for the continuous storage and dispatch of freezer products on EURO pallets.

How the line works

  • The system is bidirectional. There is a receiving and dispatching part of the systém on the ground floor and a dispatching buffer with a capacity of 32MJ – the LIFO system. The other floors are determined for storage.
  • Freezer products are loaded into the system and dispatched from the system by special freezer trucks. The line is operated by fork-lift trucks.
  • The handling unit is EURO pallet 800x1200x2100 mm, 1300 kg max.
  • Horizontal handling is solved by roller conveyors, turntables with roller conveyor and in the hopper area (buffer) by a rail transfer with roller conveyor.
  • Vertical handling among floors is solved by roller conveyors installed in the lifting section.

All the equipment is located in groups in several different temperature environments – in an environment with normal temperatures, in an environment in compensation chambers with intermediate temperatures, and in an environment with permanently low storage temperatures of -20°C.

Devices located in the permanent low temperature environment and in the transitional temperature environment is designed  to guarantee their functionality and continuous operability in extreme conditions – permanent low temperature or its frequent fluctuations, with the possibility of humidity and frost.

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