We are a member of the APIL association

We are a member of the APIL association

Our company TMT is one of the members of the Association for Innovation in Logistics – APIL. It is a leading provider of solutions, products and services in logistics.

Together with other members, we are actively innovating and by combining with their experience and knowledge, we offer a new level of customer solutions, higher efficiency and attractive pricing.

We do not compete, but complement each other.

What’s APIL?

The Association for Innovation in Logistics (hereinafter referred to as APIL) is an interest group focused on the issue of innovation in logistics and its application in commercial practice and therefore also a national certification body for managers – specialists in the field of logistics.

APIL’s main mission is to offer innovative solutions, expert assistance while resolving logistics problems, to be a platform for mutual communication with experts from areas outside the field of logistics, to disseminate information about logistics and to cooperate with logistics associations and similar organisations in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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