Chain and Belt Conveyors

We produce chain and belt conveyors, accumulation chain conveyors and to connect them according to needs also chain and belt transfer tables.

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors can be designed with two, three or more chains and they serve for transportation of lump materials in a horizontal direction. Pallets or technological support plates with transported material may lay directly on chains or on cross bars connected firmly with the chain carriers.

Combined with roller modules the chain (belt) sections work as roller-chain (belt) reloading units.

Accumulation Chain Conveyors

An accumulative chain conveyor with a pulley chain enables stopping-down of transported material on the pallet (or technological support) in required place and its accumulation.

It is the basic type of conveyors for assembly lines.

Belt Conveyors

Special conveyors with a circular flat or toothed belt designed for the transportation of light but larger lump materials or boards.

They are often used as a part of transfer units.

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Chain and Belt Transfer Tables

Roller-chain transfer table

This transfer table is incorporated to the transport systems in the places with a requirement of the perpendicular connection of following lines, without any change of orientation of transported load. The number of transfer chains follows the form, size and weight of a transported object. The using is for a higher load.

Roller-belt transfer table

The method of use and the principle of activity are similar to the roller-chain transfer table. It is using for a transport of large piece objects without change of orientation of a transported load. It is used for a lower load.

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