The Drum Turning Device of Moulds

Publikováno 14. 11. 2013

Our company TMT handed the drum turning device of moulds over to the important supplier of casts for the permanent operation.

The Drum Turning Device of Moulds

The drum turning device of moulds is one of the many equipments used in the foundries.

This device consists of a fixed frame, pressure frame, roller conveyors for moving the model plate, roller conveyors for moving the mould, rotating mechanism of the fixed frame, the fencing, the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical circuit and the control system.

The drum turning device of moulds is used to release and remove the model from the mould. The manipulable part is pressure frame with maximum dimensions of 2 600 x 1 500 x 700 mm and a maximum weight of up to 7 000 kg.

The model plate connected with forming frame with moulded model is slipped into turning device by outer roller conveyor and centred by sensors in it. After that model plant is clamped to the roller conveyor by hydraulically operated clamps. Then the pressure frame is set off and pressed to the forming frame. The next step is 180 degree rotation of the whole machine on the support pulleys. The exact rotation is controlled by driven electric motor with a measuring and is checked by sensors. After turning the impact vibrator is pushed to the plate and starts to vibrate. Vibrations compact moulding mixture around the model and release it at the same time. By subsequent slipping the hydraulic drum of pressure frame causes lowering of forming frame. Base plate with model remains clamped in the upper position. The lifting of pressure frame is ended by the frame inserting under the roller conveyors and reaching terminal sensors. The forming frame with the mould is ejected on the follow-up roller conveyor after command from control station or from operator. The 180 degree rotation of the turning device is followed by releasing plate of model and ejecting it on the follow-up roller conveyor. The duration of the working cycle is from 180 to 200 seconds.

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