Storage and distribution of Hardox steel

Central warehouse of materials HARDOX, WELDOX and ARMOX from production of Swedish company SSAB EMEA AB, Oxelösund was established in T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim already in 1996.

The storing and distribution services were provided in full scope until April of 2012.

As part of organizational changes it was decided for this date in SSAB EMEA AB, Oxelösund about moving of central warehouse to Polish town Žuravina. Nevertheless the warehouse was maintained in TMT in certain reduced extent. Our company TMT operates a warehouse on our own control since May 2012. Its capacity was subordinated to the requirements and needs of the surrounding traditional customers – purchasers and to our own needs. Annual turnover of HARDOX sale is near of limit of 100 t.

HARDOX (HDX) – abrasion resistant plate (hardness between 400 ÷ 600 HB) complies with strict requirements for high resistance against wear and tear by abrasion. Using HDX is increasing the lifetime of exposed parts of shredders, slides, excavator buckets, loader shovels, tipper bodies and superstructures of trucks, guiding elements, carriers and a lot of other parts for concrete plants, sand quarries, cement factories, mills and so on.

The hardness of the plate is achieved by effective quenching in water on quenching line. This method enables to achieve high hardness in spite of a low content of alloying elements in the steel. The resulting wear plate is easy to work with, bend and weld.

The data about other materials of company SSAB (Weldox, Armox, Domex) and the products from production of Finnish company RUUKKI (already one part of SSAB) are not mentioned here for negligible turnover.

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