Rental of high-lift telescopic working platform

High-lift telescopic working platform TMT 15S – trailer

Trailer high-lift telescopic working platform can be easily moved by towing. Work preparation is very fast. Platform can work also indoors and in pedestrian zones.

A telescopic boom arm of aluminum alloy together with a sensitive electro-hydraulic control enables easy and precise guiding of the basket to the determined location and allows a large lateral range up to elevations close to the maximum.

Rental procedure

The possibility of a short-and long-term lease of working platform. The leased machine can be operated after the training provided by renter´s staff or the lease of the platform can be realized including providing qualified staff and transportation to the workplace. The price of the platform lease is calculated according to the length of rent (with a prolonged period of rent price reduction).

Technical parameters of the HL telescopic working platform TMT 15S:

Vertical reach 15 m
Horizontal reach 8 m
Basket load 175 kg
Turn Unlimited
Power Source 230 V, 10 A
Floor of basket 1,2 x 0,8 m
Supporting pattern in the working position 4 x 4 m
Dimensions in transp. location 6,6 x 1,6 x 2,1 (D x Š x V)

Actual price list

Time of rent Price
less than 1 day 550,- CZK/hour
1 day 2 670,- CZK/day
more than 1 week 2 470,- CZK/day
more than 2 weeks 2 250,- CZK/day
more than 1 month 2 140,- CZK/day
more than 2 months 2 000,- CZK/day
  • VAT isn´t included in the price.
  • The price includes staff training and a certification issued by the operator.
  • The price does not include transportation of platform to the customer.
  • Rent including machine operators will be charged 360, - CZK / hour.


Further conditions of the rent are stated in the Rent Agreement (T0306).

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