Production Area

New assembly hall

Modern premises have enhanced greatly the production capacity of the company.

Large premises are used for assembly, debugging and testing of our devices. This hall is equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons.

Dimensions of the hall: 24 x 72 m

Assembly hall (H6)

The hall is used for assembly, completion and testing operation of machines which are checked and tested before they are dispatched to a customer. Testing assembly as well as testing operation of complete lines or their functional units can be performed in this hall.

Locksmith and welding premises (H1, H4)

Manufacture in H1 hall specializes in production of steel structures, machine parts or technological equipment. For this reason the equipment in this hall mainly consists of cutting and welding machines. Welding is mostly performed by MIG/MAG method with ESAB welding equipment. TIG/WIG method is used for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Welding with coated electrode is only used for assembly or for special welding technologies, eventually for hard carbide surfacing or repairs. Small parts and supplementary structures are produced in the H4 hall.

Machining halls

Machining works are realised in two separate premises (H3, H6 halls) equipped with universal machining facilities (multi-purpose lathes, milling machines, horizontal boring machine). The news is HURCO VMX 42 CNC milling machines installation including accessories for 3D machining in H3 hall.

Paint shop (H10)

Surface adjustment of manufactured products is carried out in a modern paint shop equipped with a heated box with a suction device. Suitable painting materials are applied after manual degreasing by means of environment-friendly agents. The painting materials are applied mainly by spraying with sprayguns or by high pressure air-free spraying.

The paint shop consists of following parts:

  • Premises for preparation of products before painting (40 m²)
  • Overpressure and tempered painting box (dimensions: 4 x 4 x 9 m ) including accessories
  • Premises for application of synthetic, epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic painting materials with the possibility of time-controlled drying regime
  • Premises with a gas infrared heaters for drying and temporary storage of painted parts (450 m²) are at disposal in the H9 hall.

Electrical workshop, manufacture of switchboards

The electrical workshop (H8) deals with manufacture and completion of electrical accessories of supplied devices. Main activities of the electrical workshop include manufacture of switchboards, installation of elements and wiring on machines, assembly works at final user’s place. The company holds a licence for manufacture of switchboards up to electric current value of 125 A.

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