Planning, construction

Mechanical projection

In T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim about 40 employees are engaged in planning and designing activities. High productivity of construction work and competitiveness of products as well as design are supported by the application of progressive CAD technologies. Our designing offices are equipped with a great number of workplaces using various software programs for designing in 3D - CREO Parametric (before Pro/ENGINEER) by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). This constructional system is one of the most frequently used 3D CADs in the Czech Republic as well as in the world.

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In our company this system is fully used in the process of product designing as well as preparation of production documentation and technological documents for production. Besides designing in 3D our company applies series of common designing AutoCAD systems and software applications for designers of steel structures and electrical parts.

Control systems

Control systems and automation technology are component parts of transport equipment and conveyor systems nowadays.

The electrical department ensures following activities:

  • processing of initial investor’s ideas including the proposal of basic project features
  • project and production documentation made by means of specialized EPLAN Electric P8 electrical software
  • software equipment for control systems Siemens S7 300, 400, 1 200; Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC 500, CompactLogix, ControlLogix : Schneider-Electric, Moeller, Omron
  • software equipment for operating panels (Siemens, Allen-Bradley) and visualization system (Promotic)
  • conception of control system with possible application of distributed control systems communicating through industry busbars
  • implementation of machines (robots, scales, packaging equipment, labeling equipment, bar code scanners) within TMT lines including connection to the existing client’s technology
  • conception of machine equipment safety with application of safety elements in compliance with machine project
  • selection of scanning elements for detection of machines and transported material position (standard sensors, RFID systems, IRC sensors, camera systems,...)
  • application of modern drive control elements – frequency converters, servo converters
  • manufacture of switchboards and other electrical equipment including their installation
  • electrical assembly operations at client’s place, eventually the assembly and testing of machine functions in TMT plant to speed up the realization at client’s place
  • putting into operation including staff training and revision
  • warranty as well as after-warranty service
  • removal of production lines and machines including adaptation to new conditions
  • machine reconstruction and overhaul

Selection of components concerning electrical equipment respects client’s requirements, eventually components of renowned producers are used.

Pracujeme v programu Siemens NX - Mechatronics Concept Designer

Tento program umožňuje virtuálně simulovat pohyb objektů po dopravníkových linkách ve fázi návrhu. Takto mohou být odhalena kritická místa projektu ještě před zahájením konstrukčních prací a upravena po dohodě se zákazníkem, například rychlosti dopravníku, posílení uzlu, kde se bude hromadit zboží atd. Programátorům linky dává možnost odzkoušet si program virtuálně a následně doladit možné chyby na reálné lince. Tento program snižuje náklady a čas vývoje.

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