Pallet roller conveyors

They are designed especially for transportation of required goods with different weight located mainly on EURO wooden pallets. According to customer´s requirements these conveyors can be adjusted for various for pallet sizes

Receiving section of the pallet roller conveyor is loaded by a manually operated pallet truck or an accumulator pallet truck; it is equipped with the outline check-frame including photo cells and light box for indication of an overstepped outline

Other accessories for conveyors:

  • outline check-frame with photo cells and light box for indication of an overstepped outline
  • loading and unloading place – adjusted for possible further manipulation with a pallet by means of a pallet truck or a fork-lift truck
  • a pallet elevator - elevator platform is guided with shrouded wheels in profile of steel structure columns and hung on rubber belts with steel rope cord; high velocity, noiseless run
  • palette destackers – loaded by a fork-lift truck, adjustable for 800-1000 mm wide pallets, pneumatic control
  • pallet transport lines can be completed by the turntable, strapping and wrapping machines, labeling machines and devices for marking (printing) of transported material

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Transport of pallets

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