Line of stainless chain conveyors

Publikováno 17. 05. 2013

In the half of September 2012 the second transport line of 5 pcs stainless steel redlers was putting into operation of company DIAMO s.p. branch plant Mining and modification of uranium in Stráž pod Ralskem.

These are chain conveyors for transport of sludge cakes produced during remediation of extracted uranium deposits.

The conveyors TMT are the part of new technology in finished “Neutralization and decontamination station NDS10”.

This station expands the original “Modification plant of mother lyes” (ML) finished in 2009 where is also located a line of 9 pcs stainless redlers delivered by company T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim.

Both of these lines run in continuous operation and their performance can be illustrated by the following data:

- in 2011 - 9 stainless redlers in the Modification plant of ML transported 65 599 t of contaminants

- in 2012 - 9 stainless redlers in the Modification plant of ML transported 75 728 t of contaminants

- in 2012 - 5 stainless redlers transported since July to December 11 494 t of contaminants

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