Laser Workplaces

Laser Station – Marking and Degreasing Cell

The laser cell contains two separate workplaces - marking and degreasing. The marking part is used for marking car locks with symbols and codes according to the customer's request. The degreasing part is used for degreasing and roughening the part of metal and plastic surface of the car locks, to which the sealant is then applied.

The entire device is embedded in a structure made of aluminium profiles with external sheet metal cover and a door for service and maintenance. Each scanner head is attached to its own automatic feed for adjusting the focus of the marked and degreased area. The components of the device also include the main switchboard, control panel of the control system, control panel with the monitor and the keyboard, and ventilation for suction inside the cell. A suction device is not part of the cell.

The entire device is integrated into the user's line and works under automatic operation. The control system is connected to the user's conveyor system and receives information about the location and type of the car lock. Transport and setting the car lock into position is ensured by the conveyor, stoppers and centring knives.

Laser Cutting of Metal Plate Moulds

The technology cell is designed to perform laser cuts on 3ED objects. Cutting capability is limited only by the suitability of the extrusion material for cutting with the installed laser type and single power. In the specific case, it was steel sheet metal parts - body parts, where the process of tuning the shape of the molding / mold development or the production of a set of prototype pieces saved considerable development costs of the cutting tool. The safety of operation is ensured by the use of safety electronic locks of the appropriate classification. For optical control of the process, safety glass absorbing laser radiation is installed in the cell wall. The cutting head is supported by a 6-axis robot that ensures its desired position and allows very fast job / workpiece change, both in terms of cutting path corrections to ensure the desired workpiece shape and change in production type.

Laser Cutting of Plastic Moulds

The cell is placed in the existing space of the press and the robotic workplace. The structure is based on a solid frame on which a clamping fixture and a closing chamber for laser cutting are placed. The robot places the part in the fixture and the fixture fixes it. Then the robot moves back from the laser workspace and the cell is closed by an automatic door. In the cell, the part is rotated so that the fixed laser head can perform the cutting at a given angle. After cutting off one side of the inflow, the fixture is rotated to the other side and the laser head performs the other cutting. Then the door opens and the robot takes the part out of the fixture.
The system has its own switchboard with control PLC, where all devices (turn table, laser, laser head, extraction) are integrated. The operator panel for operating the device is located by the side of the operator.

Robotic Cell for Laser Cleaning of Metal Plate Parts

Complete cleaning cell for cleaning metal plate parts in a paint shop. The cell works in automatic mode and is integrated into an existing line. The laser processing head is attached to the robot. The cell structure includes two transfer tables, a conveyor, a frame made of aluminium profiles, metal covers, a window, a closing flap at the input and output of the cell, a robot stand, an extraction system (without the extraction device). The covering is designed with respect to the safety of the entire laser device. The entrance door to the cell is fitted with electronic safety locks. The delivery includes complete electrical installation necessary for automatic operation and control of the whole cell.

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