Disassembly and Transportation of Lines

Renovation of machines and production lines and their moving is provided either within one plant or from one plant to another in this country as well as abroad. This concerns dismounting of existing equipment its transport and re-mounting according to client’s requirements.

These activities include taking machine (line) apart into transport parts, movement of particular parts from the hall to freight place and loading of parts to the lorry, unloading of particular parts in the place of installation and assembly itself. Assembly consists of technical preparation for assembly, mechanical assembly, assembly of electrical equipment and working test.

Overhaul and renovation of transported machines (lines) is carried out in the TMT company, where the moved parts are brought (transport itself is insured by renowned domestic as well as foreign companies), repaired or the new ones are made and re-assembled to the required complete in the place of fi nal installation.

These activities include as well technical work together with moving of lines (designing, preparation of documentation) and delivery of packaging and fi xation material.

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