Development Department in TMT - Combination of Robot, Laser and 3D Measuring

Publikováno 08. 07. 2014

„The Development of Automated Workplace for Finishing of Intake Frameworks with Output 3D Measuring Protocol“

The company T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim started the project „The Development of Automated Workplace for Finishing of Intake Frameworks with Output 3D Measuring Protocol“, project number 4.2 PT03/1050 co-financed by EU – ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) in the Operational Programme Entreprise and Innovation managed by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in 2013.

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The development center with newest technologies - Robotic systems 1Rx160 CS8C supplemented by 600W fiber laser with guidance diode and 3D measuring device ROMER - started live operation in the first half of year 2014. The development operatives received training in necessary control and programming of acquired equipment.

This unique combination of technical devices together with newly gained experience will be used for creating the database of laser cutting technology – finishing the pressings of various types of plastics currently used in industry. The database will contain the parameters of developed technology, especially laser power, cutting speed, date of achieved accurancy and quality of cut, data of material etc. The database will also include topological parameters for setting of optimal robot kinematics and output protocol of 3D measuring.

The obtained data will be initial information and base source for potential future putting this technology into practice.

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