Chain conveyors - type redler

The chain conveyor, type redler is a straight or bent chain conveyor used for horizontal and inclined transport of bulk materials. It consists of a body, a driving and tensioning station, two transporting chains connected together with carriers and a slide guiding of upper and lower chain branches. Non direct chain conveyors also contain guiding chain wheels for chain guidance.

  • the body of a chain conveyor can curved once or more times, eventually straight and it consists of a bottom, sideboards and an upper cover
  • the chain conveyor can be filled up from above (through the upper chain branch) or from a side
  • the tensioning station is situated in the end part of the conveyor body
  • the central part of the body serves for carrying transported material by means of carriers to the discharge outlet
  • at the end of the chain conveyor there is a driving station and a discharge chute
  • application especially in mining and food industry and in agriculture, in stainless steel design eg. for transportation of contaminated soil to be recycled, etc

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