Assembly and dispatch line of cockpits

Publikováno 30. 04. 2013

Our company TMT involved by realization of several extended projects to the process of building a new producing capacities of important producer of car components during 2012.

In a relatively short time was designed, fabricated, installed and put into operation:

1. Assembly line

This is the assembly line for assembly of cockpits. The base of the assembly line is a towing conveyor installed under the support steel structure. The towing conveyor carries the individual assembly trolleys. The assembly of cockpits itself is done on the assembly frame which enables the positioning of cockpits and it’s used as an expedition element. This conception allows free movement of personal between the assembly trolleys. There are installed the smooth steel zinc coated sheets in the place of travel to easier movement of trolleys and to reduce the wear of floor.

The assembly workstations are equipped by distribution of compressed air, sliding curtains of assembly tools, light system and other electro installation.

The system is completed by accelerating conveyor to change the frame in the mode of trolley in the rest and the testing track included 4 pcs of testing devices.

2. Dispatch line

The dispatch line is designed to change the assembly frames on the assembly line. The prepared cockpits are dispatched by 4 pieces on the pallets. On the dispatch line is processing the automatic loading of frames from the transport pallets, exchange of frames on the assembly line and unloading of frames with cockpits back into the transport pallets.

An operation of frames exchange is going on by the way that at first the full assembly frame is taken away by the module with telescopic stick out and it is placed to the free place of roller conveyor. After this the frame with cockpit is moved to the subsequent position and empty frame occupies the free place of roller conveyor. Then the empty frame is moved to the assembly trolley of line.

2. Receiving line

Through the receiving line the individual cockpits are transported and positioned in the correct order at the pick-up points near the assembly line in operation of the client’s plant.

In the input position of roller conveyor – hereinafter referred RC – the transport pallets with four assembly frames fitted with cockpits of cars are put by forklift. After the departure of forklift from the area of conveyor the pallet is automatically transferred to the subsequent accumulative positions of RC. Before the automatic unloading the transport pallet with assembly frames is centered in clearly defined position.

An emptying of transport pallet is progressive. Every frame is transferred to the conveyor located on the trolley of lift by two independent scissor mechanisms.

After the emptying the transport pallet is moved onto the subsequent accumulative RC in front of RC located in the area of loading equipment of assembly frames. The loading equipment takes over individual assembly frames from final position of RC and put them one by one to the transport pallet. After the filling by four assembly frames the pallet is transferred to the output section. An offtake of pallets by forklift is going on from output RC.

3. Assembly frames

Parts of delivery of lines were as well a development, production and delivery of 170 pcs of assembly frames. The assembly frames in the assembly line have the function of installation tool which enables a positioning of mounted cockpit. At the same time in the process of expedition have the transport function when is transported as the holder of frame to the final assembly.

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